Social Media/Website Team

Our Social Media/Website Team – Who’s behind the posts?

We currently run/co-run the following accounts: Twitter – @Lowellredarrows, @Lowellfootball, @Redarrowtennis, @Lowellbowling, @Redarrowlax, @Lowellsoccer, @Redarrowgolf, @Redarrowbball
Facebook – Lowell Red Arrows, Lowell Red Arrows Football, Lowell Red Arrows Soccer, Lowell Red Arrows Tennis, Lowell Boys Golf, Lowell Red Arrows Bowling
Instagram – Lowellredarrows, Redarrowsoccer, Lowellredarrowsfootball, Redarrowtennis, Snapchat – LHSathletics

Listen to Joel and Justin’s interview on WRWW Radio (1:16:30 in Lowell vs. Rockford)
Lowell’s First Look Article on Us (before we grew to 4 people)
Our joint Facebook page is LHS Social-Media

Justin Scott – Social Media Manager and Webmaster

Got Lowell Athletics started on social media, and ran the pages individually until graduation from LHS in 2013. Went on to create our Facebook page in 8th grade, our Twitter page as a sophomore at LHS, and Instagram page senior year. Currently studying sports management/marketing at WMU and still active in role with LHS social media.

  • Do most social media posts, many website posts. Run videoboard from time-to-time.
  • Also work with sports photography, graphic design, and starting to get better in video editing. Designed many LHS sports logos. Spearheading Lowell Sports History Project.

“Our coaches, student-athletes, administration, staff, and fans are always a pleasure to work and interact with. We have many coaches who also run social media very well. It is certainly exciting to be a part of. Our website is top ten in the state nearly every month. Our social media accounts are some of the most updated, consistent, and professional in the state. The hard work of our administration and certainly many others has helped make this possible.

Joel (below) has been a huge part of it. His weather page is remarkable and he does a great job with Lowell sports and weather graphics, snow day predictions, scoreboard, videoboard, and social media posts from LHS sports events. Everything he does and how much he does to help is amazing!”

Contact me for any questions or comments regarding the website or social media: LHS Social Media on Facebook or

Joel Fritsma – Assistant Manager and Student Leader

Joel is an incoming senior at LHS who has logged over 350 volunteer hours helping us out the past 3 years. He is an avid Lowell football fan and put together a large portion of the history section of the website here. Joel is a drummer for the LHS band and plays tennis and golf for LHS. He live-tweets, runs our weather section of our website, and co-manages our Instagram account. Joel also runs the videoboard, scoreboard, and helps put together graphics.

During 2017-2018 Joel has taken on the additional roles of running our senior student-athlete of the week segments, football preview articles, and continuing to add to his weather page. He is no doubt a dedicated Red Arrow and an incredible asset to LHS.

View Joel’s Lowell Football History Sections – Historical OpponentsConference HistorySeasons

We also have two new students helping us this year!

Mary Jo Buechler – Student Assistant

Hello, my name is Mary Jo Buechler, I am going to be a sophomore at Lowell High School and have lived in Lowell for basically my whole life. I will be helping with the website/social media team this year specializing in photography, and maybe some website and social media posting. Some of the things that I was involved in this past year were golf, tennis, and student council. I am looking forward to taking pictures at all the sporting events this year!

Drew Davidson – Student Assistant

Hello, I’m Drew Davidson. I am an incoming junior at Lowell High School and will be active with the website/social media team this year (photography, social media, maybe some website help). I have been going to Lowell my whole life and I play baseball and football for LHS. Below is a little about my time playing sports for Lowell.

Football – My freshman year (2016) at LHS playing football I played offensive line, defensive end, and linebacker. Our freshman season we had a really good season and went 8-1. Then last year (2017) we didn’t have the same success we had freshman year, but we worked together got things figured out and won the last couple games. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to play with the varsity team for the playoffs and had a lot of fun helping the varsity guys with practice and trying to make them the best they could be. Now I will be playing on the varsity team this year and hoping we can have an even better season then last year.

Baseball – I also play baseball and we have a lot of success with our group of guys and have a very talented team. Freshman year (2016) we had an up and down year. Sophomore year (2017) we were determined to have a better season then the last. We started out slow, but after a loss to Northview our coach asked us if we were going to have an average season or become a legit competitor in the conference. That was our turning point in the season. After that we came out sweeping teams, and at the end of the season we were second in our conference. Going into the OK White tournament we were very confident that we could win the whole thing. With the help of some very good pitching and hitting we were able to win the conference and have the season we wanted to have. That is my “about me” I hope you enjoyed and go Arrows.


We are assisted by Mrs. Maki in the athletic office, our AD Mrs. Crowley, and the administration of LAS and LHS. We couldn’t do this without their support and assistance!

What Did we Do During 2016-2017?


Graphics – 74 total graphics (39.5 volunteer hours). View sport graphics here and weather graphics here.

Event Hours – 59.5 volunteer hours running social media, the scoreboard, videoboard, or doing photography.

Football Video – 55 hours: Made the below video.

Website – Joel did 17 Blog Entries and 29 weather graphics on including our popular snowday prediction segment. The webpage was one of our most popular parts of the website all year. He started doing video forecasts thanks to the Red Arrow Report class.

History – 4 Hours working on

TOTAL Volunteer Hours: 164 Hours


Events – 188.5 hours running social media, the videoboard, or taking pictures.

Website maintenance and work. 2 top 10, 6 top 20 website rankings in the state of MI based on views.

Over 5,000 photos taken during 2016-2017 and posted on the LHS Athletics Flickr page.

Graphic design and some video work.