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Senior Student-Athletes of the Week

2017-2018 Senior Student-Athletes of the Week

2017-2018 features done by Joel Fritsma (LHS Class of 2018)

Austin Pollock and Isabelle Dial

Abi Mangus and Brady Douma

Morrison Ismond and Quinne Duhr

Keana Fahrni and David Kruse

Jillian Fidler and Jarrett Duimstra

Andrew LeFebre and Erin Smithee

Elijah Dixon and Katrina Droski

Roman Rozell and Kelly Reitsma

Sydney Powell and Addison Buckius

Review our 2016-2017 Senior Student-Athletes of the Week

2016-2017 features done by Justin Scott

Landon Smith and Bridget Garter

John Rogalke and Lucy Wade

Caleb Kaufman and Andi Reynolds

Karmen Anderson and Matt Beachler

Paige Fosburg and Ben Noffke

Kara Jeffries and Eric Judd

Robbie Dubisky and Shannon Hoekstra

Kat Miller and Jonah Epema

Olivia Hock and Sam Russell

Logan Smith and Paige DeHaan

Sela Bauman and Andrew Poulton

Taylor Furtaw and Andrew de voest

Kyla Dixon and Kyle Cater

Zach Petroelje and Alise Forward

Alex Powell and Darby Fuller

Jarrod Melle and Amber Curtis

Hana Steinebach and Nick Vantil

Tiana Petricevic and Hayden Barry

Christina Lyon and Austin Branagan