Senior Student-Athletes of the Week

2017-2018 Senior Student-Athletes of the Week Presented by J-Dubb’s Signature Subs (January 1, 2018 – Present)

2017-2018 features done by Joel Fritsma (LHS Class of 2018) – 24 Articles, and Drew Davidson (LHS Class of 2019) – 4 Articles

Emily Brown and Noah Worsley

Ethan Quiggle and Elizabeth Kuhns

Lexy Cook and Jake Nugent

Caleb Devereaux and Hailey Hoevenaar

Garrett Pratt and Katherine Kroll

Connor Douma and Lauren Snarski

Travis Cornell and Nikki Paulus

Connor Nugent and Miah Ransom

Keigan Yuhas and Megan Summerfield

Austin Engle and Kenzie North

George Gonzales and Peyton Jankowski

Austin Whaley and Darby Dean

Amber Brown and Charlie Hayes

Brooklyn Fryers and Channing Perry

Avery Lupton and Laura Lachowski

Mitchell O’Gorman and Riley Conlan

Carson Clark and Maura Fitzpatrick

Christian Beimers and Makyla Branagan

Cassie Dean and Will Reynolds

Jay Stadt and Sydney Carmichael

Austin Pollock and Isabelle Dial

Abi Mangus and Brady Douma

Morrison Ismond and Quinne Duhr

Keana Fahrni and David Kruse

Jillian Fidler and Jarrett Duimstra

Andrew LeFebre and Erin Smithee

Elijah Dixon and Katrina Droski

Roman Rozell and Kelly Reitsma

Sydney Powell and Addison Buckius