Girls Varsity Gymnastics · Girls Varsity Gymnastics finishes 3rd place at Regionals

  Place Points
Rockford High School 1st 145
Lowell High School 3rd 138

1 Rockford 145.6
2 Forest Hills 140.15
3 Lowell 138.725
4 Kenowa Hills 131.775
5 Coldwater 130.225
6 Lake Linden – Hubbell High School 128.875
7 Negaunee 127.475
8 Marquette 121.75

Nora Jannenga 7.85
Marissa Grover 7.85
Tressa Huizinga 7.95
Kira Jungblut 8.0
Katy Hock 8.15
Taeghan Ronchetti 8.2
Emily Lothian 8.425
Marlie McDonald 8.675
Amber Brown 8.7
Hadyn Nash 8.725
Theresa Judd 8.9
Aubri Lemke 9.025 – 8TH PLACE
Maura Fitzpatrick 9.1 – 6TH PLACE
Corah Miller 9.15 – 5TH PLACE

Hadyn Nash 7.2
Marlie McDonald 7.25
Theresa Judd 7.3
Marissa Grover 7.375
Katy Hock 7.575
Emily Lothian 7.775
Amber Brown 8.3
Maura Fitzpatrick 8.4 – 6TH PLACE
Corah Miller 8.525 – 5TH PLACE
Aubri Lemke 8.55 – 4TH PLACE

Emily Lothian 5.2
Nora Jannenga 7.125
Kira Jungblut 7.3
Theresa Judd 7.575
Katy Hock 7.675
Aubri Lemke 7.75
Hadyn Nash 7.875
Amber Brown 7.9
Marlie McDonald 7.975
Maura Fitzpatrick 8.175
Taeghan Ronchetti 8.225
Corah Miller 8.725 – 7TH PLACE

Kira Jungblut 7.925
Nora Jannenga 8.15
Tressa Huizinga 8.2
Marlie McDonald 8.225
Emily Lothian 8.425
Theresa Judd 8.45
Hadyn Nash 8.525
Amber Brown 8.6
Taeghan Ronchetti 8.65
Corah Miller 8.725
Katy Hock 8.775
Aubri Lemke 8.925 – 7TH PLACE
Maura Fitzpatrick 9.25 – 4TH PLACE

All Around
Emily Lothian 29.825
Marlie McDonald 32.125
Katy Hock 32.175
Theresa Judd 32.225
Hadyn Nash 32.325
Amber Brown 33.5
Aubri Lemke 34.25
Maura Fitzpatrick 34.925 – 6TH PLACE
Corah Miller – 5TH PLACE

This is the 4th time in our program’s history to qualify to team state. Out of 15 girls, we have 8 freshman so this is really an accomplishment for such a young team. We can’t wait to see where these 8 girls are in 3 more years! With this young of a team, we don’t have the means yet to be very competitive at the state level but we will go and put our best out there and use this experience to fuel these girls desire to want to improve in the off season and start preparing for next year!

This is the 4th time Maura Fitzpatrick has made it to state. Going all around again gives her a great finish to her gymnastics career.

This is the first time that Corah Miller has made it all around. She had her personal best beam routine at the perfect time! It helped her finish as our top all arounder for the day and qualify all around to state.

Aubri Lemke, is the first freshman gymnast from Lowell to qualify to state in more than one event. That’s quite a feat as a freshman. We expect great things from her during her high school career, she will be one to watch these next few years.

Team finals are 2pm Friday and Individual finals are 12noon Saturday, both at Rockford High School.