Red Arrows News · J-Dubbs’ Signature Subs Senior Student-Athletes of the Week – Channing Perry and Brooklyn Fryers

This week, we are featuring Brooklyn Fryers and Channing Perry as our female and male senior student-athletes of the week presented by JDubb’s Signature Subs!

Article Written by Joel Fritsma (LHS Class of 2018)

Channing Perry

Our male senior student-athlete of the week is Channing Perry. Channing has played several sports during his time at LHS. During his freshman and sophomore years, he played football. He enjoys football and continued to cheer on the team from the student section during varsity football games this past fall. Channing has wrestled in all four years of his high school career. He also plated baseball in his freshman and sophomore years during the spring.

His favorite sports memory at LHS happened three times to be exact. Without a doubt that would be winning the team state championship in wrestling year after year!

When asked what his favorite sport and athlete were, he said wrestling was his favorite sport and Olympic freestyle wrestler Jordan Burroughs was his favorite athlete.

When Channing doesn’t have his mind focused on sports, he’s been focused on school. He has been a part of the honor roll year in and year out. His most outstanding athletic achievement throughout his four year tenure in Red Arrow sports, happens to be the three state championship teams he’s honored to have been a part of.

Following graduation, Channing plans on heading to college to chase a career in nursing and continue on with his successful wrestling career.

Below: Channing looking to pin his Brighton opponent in 2018.

Brooklyn Fryers

Above: Brooklyn and the team during the Lowell Cheer Jamboree (1/24/2018)

Brooklyn is our female senior student-athlete of the week. She has had quite the career in both cheer and gymnastics too. In her freshman year, she was on the sideline cheer team and varsity competitive cheer team. Sophomore year, she made her debut with the varsity sideline cheer team and varsity gymnastics team! Here in her final year at LHS, she’s back on the competitive cheer team.

Through four years of aquiring sports memories, Brooklyn said that visiting all the elementary schools and Green Acres during Pink Arrow week her freshman year to cheer for all the students and adults is her favorite of them all.

Lacrosse happens to be Brooklyn’s favorite sport. As for her favorite athlete, she say Detroit Red Wings center Dylan Larkin is the man. Out of her many athletic achievements, Brooklyn said receiving her varsity letter for competitive cheer during her freshman year was the most outstanding of them all.

Following graduation, Brooklyn is planning on staying right here in West Michigan to pursue a career in business as a Panther at Davenport University!

We wish the two of these outstanding individuals the best of luck in their future endeavors following their final months at Lowell High School. Thank you to J-Dubb’s Signature Subs of Lowell for sponsoring our Senior Student-Athletes of the Week.