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Varsity Crew · Lowell Crew at States (5/20/2017)

This past Saturday, the Lowell Red Arrows Crew team was out at Riverside Park for the Scholastic Rowing Association of Michigan State Championship Regatta.

There were heats followed by the finals. Starting around 2:00, rain rolled into the area which made it even more difficult for the rowers who were competing against the state’s best.

Results were as follows:

In the 2nd heat of the Women’s Varsity 2-woman, Lowell placed 2nd with a time of 07:21.73.

Mens Varsity singles heat 1 – Steven Tripp placed 4th with a time of 07:02.12.

The freshman 4-man boat had a time of 06:12.12.

The woman’s jr 4-woman race had a time of 08:01.55.

Sydney Riffle placed 3rd with a time of 08:21.48 in heat 1: Women’s Varsity 1x Heat 1 @ 01:32 PM

In heat one of the men’s two boat placed 2nd with a time of 06:16.00

The 8-man placed 6th in their heat with a time of 5:28.79

In the finals of the Women’s 2-boat, Lowell finished 6th in the state with a time of 07:20.

Logan VanderMeulen 07:18.47 placed 6th in the finals.

In the Woman’s single finals, Sydney Riffle 08:21.24 took 5th beating out Rockford.

We took pictures at the event, you can find those below. If you have specific names for specific boats, let us know ( and we can add them!

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