Varsity Crew · Fundraiser: Biggby and Krispy Kreme Coupons – Help Lowell Crew Get to Canada!

Help the Lowell Crew Club get to Canada! The Lowell Crew Team is travelling to Canada in two weeks for a Regatta and they need your help to help offset costs.

Lowell athletic teams do not rarely compete in Canada or with Canadian teams. Our athletic teams very rarely travel across the border (wrestling did this many times during the 1980’s). Most recently Lowell’s football team play Canada Prep Academy in 2014.

The Crew team is selling two items to help offset this cost:

Biggby Coupon Books – These coupons are worth $20, and are well worth it. Each Biggby coupon book has 48 coupons with a healthy variety of coupons including free 20 ounce brewed coffee, free kids drinks, buy one get one free coupons, and more! The team members have these on hand and are currently available. If you don’t like coffee there are plenty of food options at Biggby as well, which there are several coupons that can be used towards food purchases.

Krispy Kreme Certificate – 8.00 for a certificate redeemable only at a Krispy Kreme shop and those will be in right after Memorial Day. These coupons cost $8 and each certificate will get you one dozen of Krispy Kreme’s famous Original Glazed doughnuts for that price.

If you are interested, contact a Crew coach, Crew parent, or Crew student-athlete. If you do not know one, message the Lowell Crew Facebook Page or contact me at and we can get you set up!

Examples of the Biggby Coupon Book can be seen below. Krispy Kreme certificates will be available in a couple of weeks.