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What Did we Do During 2016-2017?


Graphics – 74 total graphics (39.5 volunteer hours). View sport graphics here and weather graphics here.

Event Hours – 59.5 volunteer hours running social media, the scoreboard, videoboard, or doing photography.

Football Video – 55 hours: Made the below video.

Website – Joel did 17 Blog Entries and 29 weather graphics on including our popular snowday prediction segment. The webpage was one of our most popular parts of the website all year. He started doing video forecasts thanks to the Red Arrow Report class.

History – 4 Hours working on

TOTAL Volunteer Hours: 164 Hours


Events – 188.5 hours running social media, the videoboard, or taking pictures.

Website maintenance and work. 2 top 10, 6 top 20 website rankings in the state of MI based on views.

Over 5,000 photos taken during 2016-2017 and posted on the LHS Athletics Flickr page.

Graphic design and some video work.

February 8th, 2017 – What Have we Done This Year?

Social Media Team Page

Very rarely will we discuss our behind the scenes work on our Lowell Red Arrow athletics social media pages and here on the website, but it’s good to keep updated with everything once in a while. While small in number, we (the LHS Social Media team) have been able to accomplish a lot this year (2016-2017 school year). We have continued to expand over the years and we thank all of those who follow along with our pages.

It means a lot to have the largest social media fan base of any HS in MI. Our goal is to continue to improve to serve all of you; students, staff, alumni, and fans, the best we can.

As a Team

  • Keep all of our social media pages updated.
  • Social Media coverage of over 100 LHS athletic events this year.
  • More graphic usage than ever before.
  • Continued progress on the history portion of our website.
  • Consistently among the top 10 visited HS athletic websites in the state.
  • Expanded event coverage and increased ability to use our own photos for articles, videos, and more. Our football video was created using only our photography and videos.

Justin Scott – Social Media Manager

  • Launched our Flickr account now with over 4,000 pictures.
  • Launched our Senior Student-Athletes of the Week Segment.
  • Expanded use of graphic design, video production, and animation. Created gifs, game highlights (below), and even a lightning alert animation for the videoboard.
  • Balanced photography with football coverage this year.
  • 280+ intern hours this year. 131 event hours on social media.

Joel Fritsma – Student Assistant

Example – One of Joel’s weather graphics.

  • Co-manager of our Instagram account.
  • Expanded periscope and live-video feeds along with live-tweeting sporting events.
  • 130+ volunteer hours this year.
  • Created our 2016 Football Season Video including recording videos.

October 21st, 2016 – Great Start to Year.

We’ve gotten off to a great start to the 2016-2017 school year! Both on our website here and on social media we’ve been making great strides in covering Lowell sports. Here’s what is new:

On the website we’ve introduced some popular new segments and our senior student-athlete of the week articlesevery Wednesday. I’m very proud of the progress we’ve been able to make on the weather portion of our website. It adds a great new student-led dimension to the site and is really well done. One more section we’ve added is the Lowell Cheer Fan of the Week section. Great idea from our cheerleaders.

Pictured above: One of Joel’s weather graphics

A big thanks to Al Eckman and the WRWW Radio crew for having Joel and I on to talk about social media during the halftime of the Lowell-Rockford football game. You can find a link to that interview on our social media team page, I’ve also added my contact information on this page if you have specific questions regarding social media or the website and with what pages we run on social media.

We’ve also gotten better with photography. We are out now photographing many more sporting events than ever before. We hope to continue to expand on our picture galleries we already have on the website. I personally have gotten out to two JV tennis matches, two varsity tennis matches, one JV golf match, two varsity volleyball matches, five varsity football games, one freshman football game, seven varsity soccer games, six jv soccer games, and one JV volleyball match for photography/social media. Get out to as many as I can with the 15 credit hours I’m also taking at college.

We also continue to get better with graphics across the board. If you check out our Instagram page you’ll see there are a ton of graphics on there and they’re looking better and better as we continue to grow.

Pictured above: One of my soccer graphics.

Also a huge thanks to our fans for making one of the top 10 high school sports websites in the ENTIRE STATE last month! We thank you for making this one of your homes for Red Arrow sports along with our social media pages on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Hope as many of you as possible can get out to our district final soccer match on Saturday at 3:00 at Northview. #4 in the state Lowell vs. #6 in the state FHN. Should be a great match! Go Arrows!


December 6th, 2015

In the spirit of openness and the expanding role social media is playing in our world, I’ve started this blog to serve as a communication between us (LHS Social Media) and you, the fans who interact with us on a daily basis. It also is to do our best to continue to improve our coverage of Lowell Red Arrow sports through feedback.

Today’s Topic: Graphics

We’ve come a long way with social media in the past few years. Graphics are no exception to this. Graphics aren’t just simple pictures, we have plenty of excellent photographers in Lowell for those. Graphics add another element to our social media pages that we can utilize in live-reporting and game recaps and previews.

For example during live Facebook coverage of a soccer game, adding a “goal” graphic increases engagement by over 50%. Not only do these increase engagement across our various social media networks, but the athletes enjoy the recognition they receive from them, and it adds a new dimension to our coverage.

Brendan Goal Graphic

Example of a goal graphic from our Varsity Soccer team.


For the first time, we implemented full use of our graphics for the JV/Varsity Boys soccer teams (one of these is above) this year and Lowell Varsity Football team. We were also able to do some select graphics for the JV/Freshman football teams. We’re also using personalized graphics for our Varsity Boys Basketball team this winter and our Girls Soccer teams this spring. We first imported graphics into our coverage for Girls Soccer last spring.

I am working on some graphics for our Girls Basketball team at the moment.

In the past, we’ve been able to use some select graphics, but this year we’ve taken a step up through two types of graphics.

1. The first graphics we’ve been implementing is our goal and touchdown graphics for soccer and football. Not only were they used on our videoboard, but also added to our live-tweets and Facebook coverage.

Testing our goal template on the videoboard in early August.

Testing our goal template on the videoboard in early August.

Mary Anne from Velocity Sports Photography was kind enough to take headshots for our goal and touchdown graphics this fall. I think these soccer and football templates were well received, improved our game experience at the stadium, and generated some buzz on social media. Ultimately our goal has always been to give our athletes coverage and these graphics helped enhance our coverage.

2. There has been a 2nd series of graphics we’ve utilized during the fall trimester that has boosted our sports coverage. If you followed us on Instagram, you’ll definitely notice the improvement of graphics from last year to this year. These new graphics would be our pregame and postgame graphics (pictured below).

Lowell-BC Lakeview postgame graphic.

Lowell-BC Lakeview postgame graphic.

I’ve gotten big help from one of our LHS sophomores, Joel, with that.

The goal is to ultimately provide quality social media coverage of LHS athletics. Since we have the largest social media base of any high school in the state on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, that means we need to constantly improve our social media pages to fit these expectations.

Discussion: Our website allows for discussions below the article. If you do have questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll respond below from my Lowell Red Arrows Social Media account.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Some other examples of graphics we’ve done:

Personalized Boy’s Basketball Graphics –

Avery Touchdown Graphic

2015 Lowell Football Graphic example.


Lowell soccer logo.

Lowell soccer logo, designed in August 2015.

Lowell Tennis

Lowell tennis logo, designed in 2015.









Thanksgiving Graphic.

Thanksgiving Graphic.

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